About Me

Hi there, I’m Dr. Hans Boateng.

Welcome to The Investing Tutor website, where I simplify investing and make it easy to understand.


So Dr. Hans, what's your experience?

Great question!

I’ve mastered the art of investing for 11 years and I can teach it to anyone. I’ve read over 300 books on the topic of personal finance and investing, studied over 35,000 articles, received mentorship from numerous senior executives and personally experienced tremendous success as an investor. 


Can I trust you to teach me what I need to know?


I have an MBA from William and Mary and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Wegmans School of Pharmacy.  My medical science background should confirm I am a life-long learner that takes my education seriously. I studied chemical compounds, molecular structures, stereochemistry, polymerization, etc. and received A’s – so, trust me – mastering personal finance and investing was not at all intimidating. I have carefully organized everything I learned about investing and want to pass along that knowledge to you, (so you don't have to read hundreds of books like I did). 


What drove you to create The Investing Tutor?

I love helping others. 

I received tons of positive feedback from friends I helped over the years, so I thought it would be wise to extend a helping hand to others.

Also, the financial industry lacks trustworthy individuals. Most financial advisors & insurance agents make money from the financial products they sell. As a result, they will tell you anything to sell you something.

My goal is to provide genuine, non-biased and transparent financial education so that no one can take advantage of you. 


What about your personal life? 

Wow, you want to know more?

That’s great to know :)

Life will always be better if you love God, strive to become a better person each day and spend your life with the one you truly love. I am happily married to the love of my life, Tiffany. We met during our undergraduate studies and dated for seven years. We got married in Colonial Williamsburg. We live with our two cats, Tiger and Lily! We are blessed with an amazing family that supports us, and countless number of friends.

Thank you once again for checking out The Investing Tutor Website.

Let me leave you with one piece of guidance: "No one can ever take what you learn away from you. It is yours to keep forever. Please place a higher value on education. I cringe anytime a person values a mortgage more than the student loan that allowed them to pursue higher education. A bank can always foreclose on a house after a few missed payments. No one can ever take your degree away from you. Always remember that!"

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I wish you the very best with everything you do!


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