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I help professionals with careers build wealth by teaching them how to invest.


Who is Dr. Hans?

He earned his Path of Distinction MBA from William and Mary and holds a Doctor of Pharmacy from St. John Fisher University. Born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. He recognizes the lack of investment literacy in immigrant and minority households. When he discovered how rich families built their fortune using the stock market, he decided to become an investor. After reading 400 books, 40,000 financial articles and spending 11 years pursuing mastery, Dr. Hans now teaches his proven strategies. He has impacted the lives of countless professionals and placed many families on the path to Generational Wealth. He is the most trusted investment tutor in the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To start investing you need a retirement account and/or a brokerage account.

Most retirement accounts charge a high fee, so be sure to optimize your 401K portfolio to reduce costs. I go over this in my 7 Day Stock Market Mastery Program.

Next you need to learn how to invest in ETFs, Index Funds & Stocks, I can help you with this.

Selecting a good stock is like shopping for a new car. You probably don't want someone else picking out a car for you.

It's the same with stocks.

I help clients learn how to invest, so they can easily identify the BEST stocks for them.

Do both.

Investing allows you to build wealth for the future. Paying off debt reduces your financial obligations. Being debt-free without any wealth is NOT an accomplishment. Strive for financial freedom by investing early. Pls note: Every year you wait to invest you lose $240,000.

11 year investor who has beat the market consistently.

Tutored over 3,000 clients.

1 million content views.

Studied 400 books & 40,000 financial articles.

"A core principal of understanding personal finance is understanding a balance sheet. Acquiring assets and limiting liabilities is a huge step towards growing wealth. Dr. Hans Boateng is a powerful asset to have in your balance sheet."


"It has been an amazing experience partnering with you to secure my financial future, Dr. Hans. Thank you for creating a simple, realistic, and promising way for us to learn! The Marathon Continues..."

- President & Owner Olive Tree Pharmacy

"Hans has a great personality and a value-adding service. I had immediate great return on my subscription to The investing Tutor. I feel empowered for the financial journey ahead."

Internal Medicine/Hospitalist Physician

"The value I have gotten out of my Stocks & ETF tutoring course with Hans is truly phenomenal. As a professional in the financial services field, I was blown away by how simple yet insightful his teachings were."

Investment Analyst

"I learned how to look at and choose investments in a systematic way. I would highly recommend Dr. Hans. His teaching skills are excellent and this is one of the best investments I have made."

Family Nurse Practitioner

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