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"It has been an amazing experience partnering with you to secure my financial future, Dr. Hans. I first took your tutoring course 2 years ago, when I was naïve and unsure about the steps to take to secure my financial future. Up until then, the only thing I had seen and been told by my parents was work hard, work hard, work hard. But, as I grew into my profession as an entrepreneur, I quickly realized that working hard would not pay off in the future. Two years ago, I came across your page and decided to listen, learn, and implement your very simple and straight forward strategies to invest. So, here we are Dr. Hans, in 2019, and I can truly say that if not for your leading, direction, and assurance, I wouldn't be where I am today. Thank you Dr. Hans for creating a simple, realistic, and promising way for us! The Marathon Continues..."

President & Owner Olive Tree Pharmacy

"A core principal of understanding personal finance is understanding a balance sheet. Acquiring assets and limiting liabilities is a huge step towards growing wealth. Dr. Hans Boateng is a powerful asset to have in your balance sheet. Dr. Hans' wealth of knowledge and experience is rivaled only by his desire and willingness to help others achieve their financial goals and grow generational wealth. His unique approach to financial education as a tutor and accessibility to his students are what sets Dr. Hans apart from other professionals. If you are considering setting yourself apart from the masses by becoming financially literate and ensuring a wealthy and prosperous future for you and your loved ones, you cannot select a better guide than Dr. Hans."


"Hans has a great personality and a value-adding service. I had immediate great return on my subscription to The investing Tutor. The world of investment looked so complex to me and I was afraid to directly invest and manage my investments without a financial advisor/managed portfolios until I came across the Investing Tutor's promo on Faceboook and I took the risk of subscribing to it. Hans simplified ETF/Stock analysis and investments for me within 2 hours of contact. I gained so much confidence to dive immediately into ETF without scouting around for an advisor. Hans is an amazing tutor. I feel empowered for the financial journey and my portfolio managers will definitely notice the difference."

Internal Medicine/Hospitalist Physician

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Frequently Asked Questions

Great question. I always suggest individuals consider both stocks and investment funds. However, the stock market is significantly discounted right now so the greatest opportunity is in stock investing. When we get back to normal levels then I’ll return to investing in both stocks and investment funds.

No you don't. Most beginners focus on the price of a stock. That is irrelevant to building wealth. I will teach you how to buy any stock with as little as $5.

The 7 Day Stock Mastery Workshop will show you how to invest in stocks and ETFs. At the completion of the training, you’ll know how to analyze any stock or ETF in less than 60 seconds.

You have access to me via email or text. Plus you can also reach me via direct message on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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