7 Days to Stock & ETF Mastery

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An exceptional educational experience.

Learn from Dr. Hans in this 7 Days to Stock Market Mastery program.

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  • 7-Day Curriculum with video lessons (two videos per day).
  • Lifetime Access to Stock Investors Facebook Group.
  • 30-Days of direct access to Dr. Hans via Text Message.
  • One year access to ALL video lessons.
  • (Bonus) Bitcoin lesson

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Program Layout:

Day 1

  • How Anyone Can Build Wealth from Scratch.
  • Calculating Your Financial Freedom Number. Amount needed to stop working.

Day 2

  • How the Stock Market Works & Why it Has Never Lost Money.
  • How to Analyze a Stock in under a minute.

Day 3

  • Identifying the Stocks that will Build You the Most Wealth.
  • The Pitfalls, Distractions & Mistakes to avoid when Investing.

Day 4

  • How to Make Money with Stocks.
  • The Secret to Growing Your Money in the Market.

Day 5

  • What You Need to Know About ETFs 
  • How to Analyze an ETF in under a minute.

Day 6 

  • How to Narrow Down and Select ETFs for your portfolio.
  • How to take advantage of Stock Market Declines to Make Money.

Day 7

  • Understanding Your Internal Dialogue about Money.
  • What the Rich & Wealthy teach their Family About Building a Legacy.


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What People Are Saying:

It has truly been a phenomenal experience to work with Dr. Hans! My husband and I have learned so much in the last couple months. Enough so to change the trajectory of our financial future. We have been learning from Dr. Hans since our first meeting with him in January. He immediately made us feel at ease about our financial situation, giving us hope for the future. With his guidance and several hours of financial learning on our part, we feel as though our path to financial freedom is completely within reach.

Julieta Lewellyn, Pharmacist (Investing Tutor Grad)

Prior to working with Dr. Hans, I did not have much of a structure in place in regards to my personal finances. The value I have gotten out of my Stocks & ETF tutoring course with Hans is truly phenomenal. As a professional in the financial services field, I was blown away by how simple yet insightful his teachings were. I am now very confident in the financial decisions I’m making as a result of working with Hans. I recommend anyone looking to strengthen their financial literacy & ways to build wealth reach out & get in touch with Hans.

Spero Hounton, Investment Analyst (Investing Tutor Grad)

I wanted to share how much Hans has helped me! I was always interested in learning how to invest my money towards my future and which ways were the best. I met with financial advisors in my area but never felt like I really understood or was comfortable with what they were providing. I got in contact with Hans and made the decision to work with him in teaching me about investing and how to do this myself and most importantly understand what I was doing! I am glad to have come across Hans and recommend anyone to consider what Hans has to offer .. teaching us how to better our future!

Veronika Bogdanets, Market Development Specialist (Investing Tutor Grad)

I was looking for ways to safely invest my money and I came across Hans Boateng - "The Investing Tutor". Upon recommendations from a friend, I tried his services. I was very illiterate about investing in stocks or how to even begin investing in them. Upon completing the modules and further hands-on education sessions with Hans, I became very knowledgeable on how to search for stocks, ETFs, analyze stock data in order to determine their investment worthiness. Hans has very valuable information to share, it will not only impact you now, but his information will help guide you to make intelligent investment decisions now, which in the long term will provide a more comfortable future.

Pearl Amankwah, Nurse Practitioner (Investing Tutor Grad)

As a newer grad, I felt confused on what I should be doing to prepare myself financially for the future. After taking his basics financial course It cleared up my confusion on ways I could improve my financial situation. After taking his course on evaluating ETF's I was able to successfully pick out 2 ETFs and invest in them! I am very excited about my future now because I am confident that I will retire as a millionaire!!! I highly recommend Hans.

Rachel Rocha, Clinical Pharmacist (Investing Tutor Grad)

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