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What is an NFT?

It is a technology for verifying who owns an asset. Before NFTs were created there wasn't a way to own digital images or items. Now it is possible.

This will create generational wealth for early investors. Unfortunately, many individuals in my community aren't participating. I created this Masterclass to fix that and onboard as many people as possible into the space.

Amazingβ€”I’m in!

Don't make these mistakes...

Mistake 1

Buying an NFT because a celebrity posted about it knowing you don't understand the project.

Mistake 2

Believing that a random NFT will create wealth. That is like buying a random stock thinking it creates wealth.

Mistake 3

Venturing into the NFT space without information on how to analyze and find projects.

None of that.


Instead, all members get to learn how to be successful in this spaceπŸš€

How I Achieved Mastery

As an investment educator, I spend 5 - 8 hours each day conducting extensive research on finding NFTs that build profitable portfolios. When you sign up for the NFT Masterclass, all of that information is yours.

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“What's YOUR track record, Dr. Hans?”

Glad you asked! I have grown my NFT portfolio to over $100k...

In less than 5 months πŸ˜±


In this NFT Masterclass, you'll see that I plan to grow my current portfolio to 7 figures! 

Meet Dr. Hans,

Your Investing Tutor!

Doctorate + MBA Degree holder πŸŽ“

From a young age, I witnessed the lack of investment literacy in my community. It inspired me to study how the rich build wealth and create a legacy.

After reading 400 books, 40,000 financial articles and achieving mastery. Now I teach my proven investment strategies with the goal of helping families build generational wealth.

This Masterclass gives you exclusive access to my NFT wealth strategy.

What You'll Learn...

  • How to analyze NFTs πŸ“Š
  • How to find the BEST projects πŸ€‘
  • Where to buy NFTs πŸͺ
  • How to gift NFTs to friends & family πŸ›
  • How to create & sell your own NFT πŸ›’
  • Best projects to know about πŸ–Ό
  • How to build Generational Wealth with NFTs πŸ’Έ


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This program and community have been a game changer for me! Dr. Hans walked us though step by step. We are truly on the path towards generational wealth .


By far the best program. After the Masterclass, I am able to navigate the complex space of NFTs with confidence.


I had an interest in NFTs, but didn't know much about it. Not only did I learn foundational knowledge about NFTs, I also learned practical strategies.

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