NFT Masterclass for Beginners

$247.00 USD

The SINGLE most important opportunity to build wealth is flying under the radar.

A couple months ago, I purchased a digital image for my wife it cost $300. That same NFT received an offer for over $10,000.

The NFT market in 2021 had ~ $40 billion in transactions. And guess what, we are still extremely early!

Less than 1% of the U.S. population owns an NFT.

When it comes to investing in new technology most people are often left out. You probably missed investing early in Tesla, Netflix and Amazon. Dont miss NFTs.

You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be ahead of 99% of consumers.

You should understand this…

95% of NFT projects will become worthless and insolvent. You need to make sure you aren't buying those projects.

This NFT Masterclass will teach you what you need to know. The most important skills to become a profitable NFT collector.

What you'll learn in this class:

  • How to analyze an NFT 📊
  • How to identify the BEST projects 🤑
  • Where to buy NFTs 💳
  • How to mint an NFT 🥳
  • How to gift NFTs to friends & family 🛍
  • How to quickly create and sell your NFT 🛒
  • How to build generational wealth with NFTs 💰
  • The NFT experts to follow on Twitter📱
  • My Top 3 NFT Projects 🚀

..... and so much more!

Bonus Videos:

  • How to setup your NFT wallet
  • Discord Walkthrough
  • How to navigate Coinbase NFT when it launches


All lessons are available immediately.

Full access to Masterclass for one year.

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All sales are final. Check your email for login details. DO NOT use this page to login. It is only to purchase the program.

What People Are Saying:

I purchased the NFT Master Class right away when Dr. Hans sent the purchase email. I’ve taken other classes from him and really enjoy them. Dr. Hans not only teaches you the basics of understanding NFTs but how to analyze them, step by step on how to use the platforms (this helped me very much) Everything he discussed was useful and genuine. His master class drops gems!! If you’re looking to invest or receive knowledge in NFT then purchase this master class - you be glad you did!


I attended Dr. Hans’ NFT masterclass, and it opened my eyes to the amazing opportunities in the web3 space. I learnt how to find, analyze, and collect great NFT projects amongst others. The most significant part of this class for me was learning how to build sustainable generational wealth leveraging the amazing opportunities in the web3 space. This class reshaped my perception about wealth and changed my financial trajectory. I’d recommend it to anyone any day, any time.


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