Cape Coast Experience

$150.00 USD

Cape Coast Castle, is a story waiting to happen to you. Walk the sands of time, feel the ancestral coastline, and experience the spiritual journey of standing at the “door of no return.” Together, we will learn about the long-lasting impact of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and understand what the African people went through as they left the shores of Ghana forever.

If you’re an adventurer, then Kakum National Park might be your favorite part of this trip! It’s a nature trail like no other, set in the heart of Ghana’s central region with over 375 square kilometers of parkland that houses some of the most unique wildlife across all of West Africa. For the bird lovers, there are over 266 species of birds you might encounter. The highlight of Kakum is its unique 7 suspension bridges which form a long canopy walkway, suspended up to 40 meters above the forest floor from trees that are over 300 years old!

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