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Why You Should Join Bitcoin Africa?

Often underrepresented groups aren’t provided timely information to take advantage of wealth building opportunities.

We get in late, buy the wrong investments and regret when things don’t work out. This time with cryptocurrency we can educate ourselves, get information from experts and surround ourselves with like-minded individuals.

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To help members understand bitcoin and cryptocurrency.



To build generational wealth and help close the wealth gap.




 Closing the wealth gap using Crypto.


The rich and wealthy have access to special investments that most of us don't. They buy into these investments early. This allows them to grow their wealth exponentially and keep passing it on to the next generation. This gives them an advantage over everyone else. Cryptocurrency levels the playing field. It is an asset that is available to everyone not only the rich. If you have an internet connection and a smartphone anywhere in the world you can access bitcoin with as little as $1.

This is why we are educating members of Bitcoin Africa to consider owning crypto assets.

Meet the Founder,

Dr. Hans

From a young age, I witnessed the lack of investment literacy in underrepresented groups. It inspired me to study the rich and wealthy for over a decade to understand how they build wealth and create a legacy.

In 2017, I noticed tech billionaires moving a significant amount of money into crypto assets. This piqued my interest and upon further research I discovered cryptocurrency could very well be the greatest wealth building opportunity of our lifetime.

Bitcoin Africa is encouraging members to own digital property.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly Educational Zoom Sessions with Experts 
  • Telegram Group Chat (Yearly Members Only*)
  • Broadcast Messages for timely Cryptocurrency News
  • Educational Videos and Workshops on Cryptocurrency 
  • Invitation to attend in-person events 
  • Audio conference conversations with Bitcoin Africa Members  


  • Access to my popular Crypto Investing For Beginners Report ($100 value)


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As a technical person, I was impressed with Dr. Hans' astuteness and willingness to not only understand but simplify technical jargons with regards to cryptocurrency and bitcoin.


As a youth financial education instructor, you are my go to when it comes to the crypto space. So much valuable information. You are doing an amazing thing with Bitcoin Africa.


I believe Bitcoin is the greatest wealth building opportunity in human history and I know Bitcoin Africa will change the lives of anyone paying attention. Thank you for making it extremely easy for anyone to understand!  

Bitcoin 101

Bitcoin is the first digital asset with value. It can be sent to anyone with an internet connection just like you can send a text message. 

Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be created. This means the price of bitcoin will go up over time as demand for it increases.

Bitcoin is an inclusive financial system!

The current financial system favors certain groups of people over others. It often discourages minority groups from being able to build wealth.

Not anymore. 

Bitcoin provides the most equitable, fair and transparent financial system out there to build wealth.

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Bitcoin Africa is for EVERYONE.


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